Get A Protection Plan That Fits Your Needs
If you happen to like one of our pre owned vehicles for sale, then we highly recommend getting an extended car warranty coverage option to help protect your car. While we do sell only the highest quality used automobiles in Marble Falls, we also know that car repairs and maintenance can become costly if you are not protected. If you are searching for an SUV or extended pick up truck warranties, then Auto World of Marble Falls is your go-to store.

We offer offer some of the best used car warranty protection plans in around the Marble Falls area, such as Meadowlakes, Cotton Shores, Horsehoe Bay, Scobee, Smithwick, Spicewood and beyond! We stick with you after the sale with car warranties that covers components, repairs, routine maintenance and more. Make sure to check and see when your current vehicles warranty expires, and if it is soon, then come visit our friendly staff at Auto World of Marble Falls today!
Why Purchase An Extended Used Car Warranty
When you are buying a new car, the dealership you purchase the car from will often include a free manufacturer's warranty with the automobile you bought. While that is nice and a massive perk when looking to buy a car, eventually, the free warranty expires and you begin receiving different options to extend the protection of your investment.

As far as used auto sales go, most of the time, the dealerships warranty has already expired, and driving off the car lot without securing protection for your used car is a huge risk.

To avoid having to pay hefty vehicle repair bills, we recommend getting a used car warranty package and securing your big investment. Whether you decide to purchase one through us or another warranty company, we want you to protect your hard earned money and quit giving it to your local car repair facility.

Get More Information On Our Extended Car Warranty Plans
When you visit the team here at Auto World of Marble Falls, you are getting world class customer service and having all of your automotive needs and requirements met within minutes. There isn't any "read the fine print" schemes when you do business with us. Instead, you get high quality cars at a great price and a professional team of kind and caring people that only do right by you.

Getting a used car extended warranty is crucial to keeping your vehicle protected. Buying a car is the second biggest investment you will make in your lifetime, behind your house. Why not make sure your important purchase is covered against unforeseen repair costs? We have multiple different extended warranty coverage options to choose from, so be sure to contact us today to receive a free quote. One of our experienced team members will walk you through and give you the information you need to choose the warranty coverage option that is right for you.