If you have trouble seeing the areas on the sides of your car or behind your car, then consider having Auto World of Marble Falls install a blind-spot monitor. This is a device that acts as a camera as it shows you areas that you might not be able to clearly see when you're driving.

When there is a vehicle in your blind-spot while you're in Marble Falls, TX, you'll hear an audible noise, usually a beeping sound, so that you know not to change lanes or make a turn. This monitor is also beneficial for knowing when there is a car behind you that might want to speed up and pass you on the interstate.

You can install the monitor on both side mirrors if your vehicle doesn't already have them as most newer models do come with this feature. Aside from detecting vehicles, the monitor can alert you if there is an object that is not moving on the sides of your vehicle before you put your car in gear, such as a child or a toy in the driveway.